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Our large inventory of equipment represents much more than a whole lot of horsepower.  Having adequate resources on hand means we can respond almost instantaneously – to any size disaster!

Air movers are utilized in a water-damage situation to attack water from every angle!  Air movers circulate air at high-velocity which draws moisture out of hard-to-dry areas like carpet, pad , sub-floor and walls.  As the air movers force the moisture into the air, it is then removed through the use of high-powered dehumidifiers.

Gale Force Air Movers
Qty: 30
Turbo Air Movers
Qty: 83
Phoenix Axial Air Movers
Qty: 130

High-powered dehumidifiers are capable of extracting up to 35 gallons of water from the air per day, while simultaneously filtering the air to improve air-quality in the area being dried.

Phoenix 300 Dehumidifiers
Qty: 35

Specially designed for the restoration industry, the air scrubbers we utilize capture virtually all removable airborne particles to remove odor, dust, and other contaminants from the air within a structure.

Phoenix Guardian HEPA System
Qty: 6