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Do not place the furniture in direct sunlight
Sunlight’s powerful ultraviolet rays will cause damage to your fabric over time.

Rotate and reverse all of your loose cushions and pillows every 1 to 2 weeks
All foam, no matter how good the grade, will begin to compress and lose some of its spring with continued use.  Rotating the cushions ensures more even wear on all cushions.  Vacuum the furniture every two weeks for furniture which receives daily use.

Have your upholstered items cleaned every few years
Please don’t attempt to dry-clean or wash your own seating unit; it requires the assistance of professional furniture cleaners.  Do not remove cushion covers for separate dry-cleaning or washing, even though they may have zippers.  Cushion covers also require cleaning by competent furniture professionals.

Blot any spilled liquids immediately taking care that all liquid is absorbed
Never rub the area!  Rubbing only forces the spill deeper into the fabric.  To prevent spreading, be sure to work from the outside of the area to the inside.  Always follow the cleaning procedure provided by the furniture manufacturer, when possible.  Test any cleaning method in an inconspicuous area to check for any dye bleed.